AWAKE Resort launches ICO Crypto Resort Project in Panama

Recently VERAWA WORLD Resorts rebranded to AWAKE Eco Wellness Living (AWAKE), a Panama based operator and developer of luxury resorts and tourism attractions, has announced the development of AWAKE Resort expected to open in late 2023 as part of the AWAKE mixed-use lifestyle development in Panama´s Veraguas province.

AWAKE, located on more than 1,100 hectares of pristine Caribbean Ocean coastline in Panama’s northwestern region, is a current integrated resort project that combines contemporary lifestyle aspirations with premium hospitality and world-class wellness and entertainment facilities.

The master design and infrastructure planning work for AWAKE have already commenced. The lifestyle Resort will feature 600+ guest rooms, including one- and two-bedroom villas and bungalows. Leisure facilities will include a luxury spa and wellness center, gym, dive center and excursion center, and boutique shops in addition to several themed restaurants and bars.

AWAKE guests will have access to all facilities and attractions which will include a marina, conference center, retail outlets, a tropical aqua park, a conference and event center, along with further AWAKE branded facilities. There are also plans to introduce a marine life preservation center as well as a private wildlife reserve, which will cover more than 85% of the land.

In addition, AWAKE will also feature Panama’s first signature Wildlife Research Center, which is confirmed to be in collaboration with various foundations and educational institutes.

The owning company, AWA DEVELOPMENT S.A., is working in close collaboration with local and international stakeholders, including the Panamanian government and the Ministry of Environment, to plan a self-sufficient and sustainably designed destination concept with energy plants, agriculture, aquaculture, and community outreach center in the later stages of the project.

AWAKE has also announced the launch of its AWACOIN utility token. AWAKE is a pioneer in the real estate development sector and offers interested parties a unique token that is backed by the companies asset portfolio.

The AWACOIN ecosystem is geared towards all types of investors, crypto and real estate enthusiasts, accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum, in addition to traditional fiat payments.

AWAKE & AWACOIN CEO Max van Rijswijk:

“In Europe, ITO/ICO crowdfunding projects have already attained a significant level of growth, adoption, and maturity. We decided to go a step further. AWAKE’S Real Estate ICO not only raises funds for project development, but also allows you to participate in the highly profitable and incredibly rewarding hospitality industry. We will be appealing to both investors and individuals seeking new and exciting ownership opportunities.

Van Rijswijk continues:

We don’t just raise money for the development of AWAKE, we also share parts of the profit from each development with our collaborating partners and local communities. Our ICO/ITO team and consultants have experience of successful crowdfunding work in America and Europe and we made the AWACOIN ecosystem as international as possible.“

Varying legislation across the world in ICO/ITO offerings has persistently hindered millions of people from being able to get involved in the business end of the real estate and hospitality industry, but now AWAKE has the answer.

Once AWAKE will open its doors to the public, token holders can use their AWACOIN for the purchase of real estate properties, long-term lease of various resort accommodations, as well as short-term stays, attractions, food & beverage, tours, and excursions.

Being able to convert AWACOIN into real high-value assets, goods and services make AWACOIN a more stable, secure, and growth-driven token than any other utility token currently on the market.

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